Protecting Your Voice


Learn how to find, mind and recover your natural voice in our webinar which will focus on developing key skills of voice, including:

    • Creating a resonant vocal space
    • Building natural breath support
    • Developing effective dynamic posture
    • Conscious mind and body co-ordination

As a teacher you know your voice is your most valuable asset. Voice problems can make teaching unpleasant, to say the least, if not unsustainable. Researchers in MIT recently revealed there are over 100, individual muscles involved in creating voice. Unless there is interference from unnecessary muscle tension, they all  work together in perfect harmony and co-ordination.

The ease and potential for problems from poor breath, posture or beliefs, especially in teaching and public-speaking, is considerable.

Places are strictly limited to ensure adequate time to explore and assess current challenges to your voice in the classroom; identify the individual strategies you need to adopt to enhance your voice; and practice effective and efficient ways of producing voice.

If you are interested in this webinar please contact us

Call 086 243 8028 for further details